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Service with Passion, Aimed at Perfection

We affirm our personal commitment to serving our vast and diverse clientele as we adhere to our formulated set of guidelines and policies with proper implementation throughout the organization.

About Us


A talented and promising group like no other and a very determined young entrepreneur combined to form a company that will bring exceptional forms of services to customers from everywhere! This is now Mondiale Creative Resources OPC.


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We affirm our personal commitment to serving our vast and diverse clientele as we adhere to our formulated set of guidelines and policies with proper implementation throughout the organization.

The elements to making the organization perform excellently and achieve best results are centered on the reiteration of the principles of integrity, discipline, diligence, and sincerity at work. As the leaders of this company, the management team guarantees that the whole organization observes with due diligence all the values and work ethics that we represent in the travel, tour, and transport industry.

We expect the work culture within the travel and tour industry to be free from negativity and prejudice. This way, everyone comes to work with positivity and a clear mind as they take on the day’s task.

The Symbol That We Stand For

Our logo symbolizes our intentions to reach service provision at an international scale.

Work Dedication

The circular arrow like lines represents the flow of activities that the company takes on to fulfill its duties continuously for the client’s benefit, and this in turn will become positive outcomes for the company.


The blue and red theme colored logo stands for a steadfast company born in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. These two colors symbolize inspiration and passion – the driving force for our company’s workforce to readily take on the challenges in this industry.


Motivated and Mission-driven

Our whole team’s backbone is strengthened by the proper motivation to uplift thekind of service we offer, and as such we move forward and work hard to achieve the purpose of our existence.

Creative and Cooperative

We at Mondiale Creative Resources OPC exercise our mind in making innovationsthat provide best solutions and we always practice thinking out of the box. In orderto redefine the status of the travel and tour industry, we always work as a team and each talent and skill contributes to the company’s success.

Resolute and Responsible

This promising company, as young as the group may be in the industry, is strongly oriented to stand firmly on its business principles as it ventures into different situations arising within its operations. All team members are equipped with efficient knowledge and skills to carry out their task and mission. Everyone is performing his role in making the experience worthwhile and outstanding for the customers.

Meet Our Expert Team

Ms. Marjorie Macaranas

Ms. Marjorie Macaranas


Ms. Lea Torno Red

Ms. Lea Torno Red

General Manager

Ms. Maria Amparo Cipres Argonza

Ms. Maria Amparo Cipres Argonza

Operations Manager

Mr. Arnel A. Gonzales

Mr. Arnel A. Gonzales

Marketing and Transport Manager


What Our Awesome Clients Say

During the planning stage for Mondiale Creative Resources OPC, members of this team brainstormed to come up with the best tagline that the company will stand for. Ideas flowed freely and each member contributed to the conceptualization of the best representation of what the company believes and what it aims to achieve. First and foremost is how we plan on contributing to the needs of our target market. Next is what our goal is for the future of the company in the industry.

Customer satisfaction and solution provision is a primary concern of our company. Whatever we do for the customers, we do it with sincerity, integrity, and care. We do not just provide travel and tours services, instead we provide a remarkable and enjoyable experience that is worth remembering. As we play a major role in the travel, tour,and transport industry, we, as an organization persevere to be better as time goes by. Each and every client experience is aimed to help us improve our quality, maintain our integrity and commitment, and help us become the best there is in the industry.




A Special Note to our Future Partners in the Business:

We wish you good business moving forward. But we assure you most especially, that the best business dealings will take place when you work with us.

Here at MCR, we do not just do business as usual, we build partnerships and harmonious working relationships as we master success and make this sector one of the most profitable and sustainable industry in the world. And we shall accomplish all of this with you, and for you.

Phone: +63 967 355 0816, +63 931 054 7171, +63 927 519 2824, +63 966 318 6568

Email: [email protected]
Address: 3F, Unit 310, The One Executive Office, #5 WestAvenue, Quezon City, Philippines